Independent AIFM

A Truly independent European AIFM with expertise in Private Equity & Fixed Income

EU Passporting

1425406374_seo2-35-64AIFs managed by SCSS enjoy “passporting” rights across EU via simple registration

PE Fund Services

1425406365_seo2-49-64We have the expertise in managing private equity funds aiming for high growth


1425406394_seo3-41-64Re-domicile offshore funds in Cyprus & gain marketing access to all EU Member States

We offer customized Solutions for setting up and managing
Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs).

Combining portfolio and risk management together with our expertise along the entire chain of setting up and management of an AIF.

Meet the Team

Our Executives have overall responsibility for the Fund’s activities, including the review of its investment activity and performance.

Yiannos Christofides


Yiannos Christofides is an Executive member of the Board of Directors of SCSS Fund Management Ltd., and the CEO of the Company. Yiannos has gained wealth of knowledge and excellent understanding of the financial industry. He amassed his experience at one of the leading brokerage firms in Cyprus where he held the role of Chief Operating Officer, and after his tenure, through his deep interaction with an extended number of regulated financial services firms offering the full range of investment and ancillary services in global markets. His experience makes him a fitting appointment for the role of CEO.


Yervant Bohdjalian

General Manager & Head of Asset Management

Yervant Bohdjalian is an Executive member of the Board of Directors of SCSS Fund Management Ltd., and the General Manager of the Company. Yervant is a certified Portfolio Manager licensed to deal in capital markets with extensive experience in technical analysis tools and managing client accounts using sophisticated software signals. Yervant started his career as dealer at a major Bank and then moved to start-up Eurivex with his father before assuming the role of Head Portfolio Manager. He gained broad experience managing a fully-fledged regulated investment firm. Yervant also has expertise in setting up funds and helping companies list their financial instruments on MTF Markets of EU Stock Exchanges.


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