Independent AIFM

A Truly independent European AIFM with expertise in Private Equity & Fixed Income

EU Passporting

1425406374_seo2-35-64AIFs managed by SCSS enjoy “passporting” rights across EU via simple registration

PE Fund Services

1425406365_seo2-49-64We have the expertise in managing private equity funds aiming for high growth


1425406394_seo3-41-64Re-domicile offshore funds in Cyprus & gain marketing access to all EU Member States

We offer customized Solutions for setting up and managing
Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs).

Combining portfolio and risk management together with our expertise along the entire chain of setting up and management of an AIF.

Meet the CEO

Konstantinos Michaelides


Konstantinos Michaelides has worked for reputable firms where he obtained extensive experience in the area of financial and business management. He is highly educated senior level finance professional with blend of experience in leading multinationals, public listed organisations as well as in entrepreneurial environments. In 2008, he established Vertu Projects Ltd, a consulting and advisory firm which offers-inter alia-consulting and fund licensing services. Being a founder director at Vertu Projects Ltd he was given the opportunity to get in touch with high-net-worth individuals who were exploring solutions on how to invest their funds to obtain optimum return. He also acquired vast experience in setting up and administering various types of funds and fund managers in Cyprus, Luxemburg, Gibraltar, Jersey, BVI, Cayman, Mauritius and India. Moreover, he is aware of the reporting obligations that a fund/fund manager has to comply with, and he stands ready to assist any client with all matters that may come up in the process of setting up or administering a fund/ fund manager especially in the alternative investment fund space either in private equity investments or private debt vehicles. His experience span from greenfield infrastructure and alternative energy projects to real estate funds and venture capital for SaaS models or Fintech.

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