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We offer bespoke solutions for setting up and managing AIFs.

We combine portfolio and risk management and our expertise along the entire chain of setting up and management of an AIF.  Our turnkey solutions can deliver a new fully licensed AIF startup ready to distribute, market and sign up investors within 4 months from the application.
Alternatively, we can help you re-domicile your offshore fund into the EU in record time and with the most flexible solutions in place.


A Truly independent European AIFM with expertise in Private Equity & Fixed Income

EU Passporting

1425406374_seo2-35-64AIFs managed by SCSS enjoy “passporting” rights across EU via simple registration

PE Fund Services

1425406365_seo2-49-64We have the expertise in managing private equity funds aiming for high growth


1425406394_seo3-41-64Re-domicile offshore funds in Cyprus and gain marketing access to all EU Member States


Our solutions are ideal for Private Equity, Hedge Fund Managers, Forex Managers and Project Managers Our aim is to provide these solutions to managers, allowing them to do what they do best; capital raising and managing portfolios for most types of asset classes. We aim to help our clients find solutions and quickly establish themselves in the Funds Industry, and give them the tools to compete against other counterparts.

Why Choose Us?

  • EU Regulated AIFM
  • Expertise in setting up AIFs
  • Flexible, friendly service 
  • Tailor made solutions 
  • Transparent & Competitive pricing
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